Monday, February 1, 2016

I Conquered Mt. Pulag

Yay, hello Mt. Pulag. :-)
Welcome to Luzon's highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level.  Mt. Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines.
GOD truly blessed us for having the perfect sunny weather during our climb.

Date of Adventure: January 2-5, 2016

I never thought that one of my ultimate bucket list will happen too soon.  In my previous post about Mt. Batulao, I said that I will give my self few more mountains to climb and I'm ready for Pulag, but who would have thought that after Mt. Batulao it will be Mt. Pulag in just a couple of months. Astig :-), yay, hehe.

Shout out to Ms. Eiza and family (who invited me over to this adventure) and to my newly found friends, the UP peepz who were very friendly and accommodating for the entire travel.

DAY 0 

Bus from Cubao to Baguio via Joy bus

We left Cubao at around 11PM, Saturday via DeLuxe bus of Joy (Genenis) bus and arrived Baguio around 3AM of Sunday.

Jeep from Baguio to Kabayan, Benguet

When in Baguio : must try; strawberry taho

DAY 1 

Jangjang Hanging Bridge

Pics After Breakfast

  Briefing at DENR

Babadak Trail
Tabeyo Trail
Akiki Trail : this is the hardest trail

Of course we chose the Ambangeg Trail, the easiest way towards the summit.

At The Ranger Station





Sunset at Ranger Station


Trekking Time

We started the trek past 1AM of Sunday.  Because it's super duper cold, we had at least 6 layers of garments.  Yay, kudos to the "super lamigin me", I survived!!!!!


Excuse my sub-zero face :-)

Sunrise at Peak 3



The Summit

Yay, I survived Mt. Pulag, yey........ :-)

Me and Ate Ness, one of our tour guides :-)

Squad Goals :-)

The Mt. Pulag Crew: The UP Peepz

Sea of Clouds

Lucky us, we had the chance to see the majestic sea of clouds......

The Trail plus the beautiful scenery


Important Notes:

The entire trip were organized by Rona and Jeff (from UP Peepz).
The said trip costs 4K per pax (ALL IN - food, entrance, bus, jeep, tent, etc.....)
If interested, please feel free to left a comment and I'll be more than happy to get back to your queries.

Photo Credits:

Photos grabbed from fb;

- Ako Si Fritzie
- Che Cabrera
- Eiza-Reah Landrito Nasis 
- Jefferson Villacruz
- Rhona Abisado

And super thank you Fritz and Gika for capturing my memorable moments in Pulag.

Again, thank you Ms. Eiza and the rest of the UP Peepz.
Till our next climb.

Love and light to all :-)