Monday, February 23, 2015


At Dusit Hotel, Makati @Nuffnang's Blogopolis event
It's always been a dream to have a peaceful and simple life.  But simple life do not necessarily mean to be outdated and not to connect with the world.

I worked as a Payroll Supervisor in one of the leading BPO's in the country.  My work requires a lot of my time but I always make it a point to see and check what's happening outside of my office.

My day starts as early as 5AM.  Aside from my morning personal prayer, I had an Apps in my phone of Bible quotes and its always a part of my day to read it whenever I need comfort and just simply being thankful of having a good day. Since I am a commuter, whenever I have a chance to check my phone, I'll check my IG, Twitter and FB.  When in the office, I always open my Spotify and sometimes shares my hotspot.  In between work and on breaks, I'll check again my social accounts and will reply to the inquiry that needs an immediate response.  Like for example I encountered a lot of our resigned employees asking the status of their final pay, so basically since it's still a part of my job, I will still answer though sometimes I wonder if they really wanted me to be their FB friend or they just wanted something from me (lol :-) ).

I love IG. Whenever I have beautiful subjects, I immediately post it and just connect it to my Twitter and FB accounts.  And also in IG, I get updates with my favorite people, my family, my friends and celebrities.  And speaking of celebrities, through IG, I'm always updated with what's happening with my favorite KathNiel. Oh how I love them (feeling bagets :-) ).  I also get the chance to see what's new in fashion, movies, the latest tsismis and current events of course.

On weekends or whenever I have a chance on my way home or before I go to sleep, I get to blog using my phone.  

Everything is in my phone.  Some of the most important reminders are stored in my phone. Starting from the contact numbers, Passport Number, my personal bank account numbers, even passwords and the most treasured pictures of my travels are all in my phone.

I cannot say that my life is in my phone.  It's super OA to say that, but I can say that it is very important to me.  I captured every moments using my phone, I can do whatever I want using my phone, I checked my emails, I watched YouTubes and googled everything using my phone.

By the way, I am using an S4 with an Unli Data plan from Globe.  Life seems to be so easy when I have my phone because with just a click away, I can do and get what I want.  And for me, that makes my life so simple.  Making it easy and see the whole world.

Love and light to all :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mt. Pinatubo Trip

Game for an adventure?  Count me in.

My Mt. Pinatubo trip happened last January 16, 2015 in one of the declared special holidays due to Papal Visit.  I can say that this was an accidental/impromptu trip.  It wasn't planned long just like my other trips.  And I so love it.  I was invited by my dear friend/former collegue Ms. Clariz and was informed about it around 5 days prior to the said trip.  And since I'm always on the go and that will be a long weekend, I don't have any reason to say no and even get thrilled about the upcoming adventure.
The majestic view of Mt. Pinatubo
Mt. Pinatubo at its finest :-)
  • Pack light.  When I say pack light, just bring light materials and things that will be needed for the trek.  You don't need to bring your kikay kit :-)
  • This activity is a trek.  Prepare your entire body, mind and soul for the entire day.  You need to have lots of energy.  Going up in our case took us 2.5 hrs while going down from the crater took us less than 2 hrs.  It depends on your speed.  We made it by being slowly but surely :-)
  • Be prepared to get dirty and wet. In riding a 4x4 vehicle, ashes and water will welcome you.
  • Bring enough water and energy drink for the trek.  (There is a store in the crater area but the goods are super expensive).  I bought a small coke worth P100, in reality it only costs P20.  (Mataas palitan kapag nsa taas ka na ng bundok, lol :-) ).
  • Bring enough food.  Packed lunch and some chocolates for energy booster.
  • Use trek pole (tungkod).  At the base camp, there are trek poles for sale.  I recommend that you will buy one because it will be a big help for the entire trek.  It costs P20 each but you can haggle for P15 only.
  • I suggest, you use rubber shoes for the trek (there are many sharp stones going to the crater, you might get hurt).  But you may also use trekking sandals and crocs.
  • Use sunblock and other skin and eye protectors like arm warmer, shades, scarf and hats.
My travel essentials: Jacket, scarf, arm warmer, bonnet, shades, extra shirt, sunblock and some chocolates and chicha :)

We were lucky because Ms. Clarz drove her Innova going to Capas Tarlac, a + factor for us for a convenient travel.  Another option is to take a bus ride.  In Cubao terminal, book for a Capas Tarlac trip. If you are not familiar on how to get there, you may use Waze or Google Map, it helped us a lot in finding Capas Tarlac Junction.  Your landmark will be McDonalds. We had our breakfast in McDo and ordered lunch for the said trip.
There are tour packages that include lunch but a bit higher compared to what we did (we bring our own baon, take out from McDo), the difference I think is P800.
In Capas Tarlac Junction, there will be another more or less 30mins ride going to Brgy. Sta. Juliana, Capas.  If you don't have a car with you, ride a trike going there.
Welcome to Brgy. Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac
All should register at the Tourism Office before the start of the trek.  The said office opens as early as 6AM.  We met up at around 2:30AM and left Manila (Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas) at 3AM.  We arrived there before 6AM and since that was a holiday, there were many tourists and foreigners.  Our tour package includes 4x4 vehicle and 1 tour guide costs P6,750.  5pax per 4x4 vehicle so that makes 1,350 each.  


4x4 ride is love.
The adventure starts at the camp base in Brgy. Sta. Juliana, Capas Tarlac where you will ride a 4x4 vehicle for an hour.  There are no available seatbelts so make sure to hold on tight because this is going to be a bumpy ride. But don't worry, if you are game for an adventure, you will definitely enjoy it.

End of 4x4 ride: This is it, start of the trek


All the energy you've exerted for the entire trip will be all worth it just by seeing the beautiful Mt. Pinatubo. Truly a majical view.

Additional Notes:
  • Swimming is no longer allowed.
  • Overnight stay is subject for approval and fee is much higher compared to day trek only.

Another check in my bucket list.  This was surely a one-of-a-kind adventure I will truly cherish plus I get to mingle with new found friends for this trip.  I get to know Ms. Nins, Krissy, Flor and more bonding moments with Ms. Clarz and Kyle.  Can't wait for my next adventure :-).

Other Notes:
Total  Cost of my Pinatubo Trip for 1-day
1,350-tour package
350-miscellaneous (gas for Innova, toll fee, safety permit and tip to our mababait na tour guide and driver)
=P1,700 total cost
Love and light to all :-)