Monday, November 30, 2015

Boracay 2015

Just my first trip to Boracay, haha, please don't judge, at least there's always a first time and better late that never, right??? :-).  And yay, my expectation and experience was superb.

Thanks to APEC holidays and to my birthday leave that I had the chance to visit and experienced one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines.  Yes, it is indeed beautiful - talking about white sand, blue-green water, nice people, good food and night life.  Super thanks also to my friend/sis Caren who made me "kulit" that we should have a "birthday travel" since we have the same birth month.  So she arranged everything, the booking and all.  I think my only contribution to this travel was our hotel booking, hehe :-).  Take note, we were both 1st timers in Bora so we were clueless about what to do because what we had were just suggestions from friends.  But thank GOD we survived and we had a blast for 5 days in our lives.

And our Boracay adventure begins here.
Take a look at this paradise and please don't get "umay", pictures overload coming up in 3....2....1, hehe :-)

Boracay At Day

Boracay Sunset


Here's some of fun activities you must try when in Boracay.

The package tour we availed costs P2,500 per pax includes; Island Tour, ATV plus (Overlooking Boracay) - we added P200 for the entrance fee and Parasailing.
  • Island Tour - Visit to Crystal Cove and Puka Beach with lunch buffet.

And we're off to the island tour; to Crystal Cove and Puka Beach.  Meet my Bora travel buddy; Caren
Snorkeling in between the tour; my first try:-)
I was enjoying my lunch here during the Island tour :-)

Welcome to Crystal Cove :-)

Welcome to Puka Beach :-)

Puka Beach, northern tip of Boracay

  • ATV - In this activity, we learned how to drive.  At first, I was scared but turned out to be the most memorable one for me.  Yay, driving is fun :-)
  • Overlooking Boracay - This was an additional activity during ATV.  Get the chance to see the entire island.  Fee costs P200.00

  • Parasailing 
Get the chance to see the beautiful Boracay from above while being pulled by a boat.
Up, up and away!!!

  • Boracay Pub Crawl
Experience the best night life when in Boracay.  This is really a must try when in Bora. The ticket costs P990 but we availed the early bird promo of P690. For more info, visit their fb page Boracay Pub Crawl
Shout out to my new found friends; Bry, John, Tiny, Gibson and the gang :-)


  • Boracay Grotto

  • Jonah's

  • Boracay Fire Dancers

  • Pig Out and sis Caren's Bday Celeb

  • Blue Veranda Suites
Our home for 5 days.  Located in Station 2, just a few steps away and you are at the beachfront.

  • Random Pics
A very catchy ads from Cebu Pacific
Twinning pose :-)
Surprise!!!! Twinning backpack and OOTD :-).  Believe me, we didn't plan about it.

Important Notes
  • For easy and convenient travel, avail an airport transfer.  It costs P1,300 2-way from Kalibo Airport and includes bus, jet and muticab transfer.  In our case, Blue Veranda arranged everything.
  • For discounted Boracay tour activities, please contact Kuya Otoy - 09202619313.
  • For shopping, personal needs, eating out, souvenir and pasalubong needs, there are four available places in Boracay; 1) D' Mall and 2) D' Market - prices are higher compared to the other stores; 3) D' Talipapa and 4) D' Palengke - prices here are more affordable.
  • If you are a cowboy/cowgirl and is looking for an affordable hotel/hostel in Bora, there are lots of available in Station 2 and 3 but the downside is it's not near the beach front but it's okay, just enjoy Bora.
  • Explore and discover Boracay.  Have fun.
 Photo Credits: 
Boracay Pub Crawl pics and some from Sis Caren's phone

Love and light to all :-)