Thursday, September 25, 2014

SG Is Love

This is my third and final installment from our trip last June.  
Singapore is so close to my heart.  Maybe because SG was my first out-of-the country trip and the only country I visited twice.  (Okay here's a trivia. The first time I visited Singapore was February of 2009, hoping to find a job there but GOD has other plans for me so I went back to the Philippines.  And then last 2011, I booked a roundtrip ticket again bound to SG, this was by the way the lowest point of my life, that was my way to escape without thinking what will be my life there.  So again, GOD has better plans for me.  In short, my idea of going back to SG for good did'nt pushed through. Super thanked GOD, I love the life I am living now.  So enough for the trivia :-) ).
Compared to the other countries I visited, I can say that Singapore is one of the most developed and advanced countries. The transportation system is very impressive, the so-called EZ link card can be used in their MRT, LRT, bus and taxi.  And what I love most about Singapore is, it is very clean.  Maybe because the people there are more disciplined, but I'm not yet losing hope in my own country, in time we can be as developed as SG, perhaps we'll start with ourselves as a promoter of self-discipline, respect and love for the country.
So please bear with me, brace yourselves for some umay mode, random pictures overload here :-)
Welcome to Universal Studios, Singapore
McDo in Pinas? Nope in SG of course, hehehe :-).  Friends since SM days, I will never forget these gurls.  Alma was such a big help during my 1st SG visit.  Mitch on the other hand was the one who arranged our recent trip.  And of course Kaye, she's my travel buddy.  10 years of friendship and counting.
In the photo: Mitch, me, Kaye, Alma.
Mitch and Alma are both happily working in SG
My travel buddies, Kaye and Mitch
Enjoying our Carousel ride inside USS, we're happy kids :-)
Dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay
The famous Makansutra Gluttons Bay, when in SG, one must try to eat here
Aside from Lucky Plaza, there are also many Filipinos here
Breakfast at Starbucks in Changi Airport
I was so impressed with the EZ link
One of the best airport
Isn't it amazing? This is inside their airport, just "wow"
Harbour Front
I can eat here forever :-)
the best chicken buffalo wings ever :-)
One of the best meal ever :-)
I love the trees
Bound to Sentosa
My Universal Studios adventure begins here
USS 1-day pass costs SG74 or around Php2,500.00
Minions anyone??? :-)
I love Bumble Bee
I am a happy kid here, super enjoyed the Transformers ride
Do you remember the Streetboys? Astig, sikat sila dito sa USS
My meal for my entire USS adventure, costs SG16, sulit naman, not bad at all.
The famous Siloso Beach
Marina Bay Sands
SG by night
With my travel buddy Kaye
Travel buddies Kaye and Mitch
Singapore Flyer
beautiful SG by night
Last feast before going back home :-)
These two really completed my entire trip, a sweet tooth indeed :-)
And I'm home....... Home is where the heart is :-)
Travel collections

So that's my 3-in-1 trip. The entire experience will be forever in my heart.  And now I'm wondering when and where will be my next travel.  And who will be my next travel buddy. :-)
I just have one thing in mind.  Travel more as long as you can.  So this means save, save and save.

Happy to be active again in blogging. :-)

Love and light to all :-)