Monday, August 25, 2014

Experience Batam, Indonesia

(Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya)
Hi peepz, feels good to be back :-)
Finally, after almost 2 months, got the chance to blog my trip in Indonesia. :-)

Welcome to Batam, Indonesia. This was a part of our 3-in-1 travel last June. I have googled a little about Batam so let me say something about the place.
Batam, is an island and is part of Riau Islands Province in Indonesia.  It is located approximately 20km off Singapore with a ferry ride from SG to Batam for about 45 mins. Batam is a small but busy island of nearly a million inhabitants.  It is known as the production leg of Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle. (thanks google for the info :-)).
Harbour Front SG to Batam, Indonesia (ferry ride)
walking around Batam
view from our hotel, by the way we stayed in Panorama Regency Hotel
our room
comfy bed
We made a tipid mode in our accomodation, this room is good for 2 but can accomodate 3 persons :-)
another pic in our room
Our hotel accomodation includes a breakfast buffet, another tipid mode :-)
 We enjoyed the food here :-)

Another view
One of Batam's attractions: their temples
We tried their local chicha, and tastes good actually
selfie :-)
Here's a total amount of our 1-day tour in Batam, special shout out to my good friend Mitch for arranging everything and doing the Math :-)
Please see below additional details:

1Php=269.009 Indonesian Rupiah

Panorama Regency Hotel costs 63.45 SG
The entire Batam trip totalled 106 SG=P3,710.00 (not bad at all)

I just have a tip, when in Batam, you should try their spa and try to visit their beaches.  Too bad we weren't able to do such things because of time constraints.  But if given the chance again, I will surely give a try.

Happy to be back in blogging after so many of my tamad excuses.
Will be sharing next my KL, Malaysia and SG trip as well.

Love and light to all :-)