Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bonding with Melot

After meeting up with my SM gurlfriends, I'm next to meet one of my BFF's Melot.
We rarely see each other now because aside from her loaded schedule in work,  she's having her MBA in LaSalle and I live in Laguna now so seeing her is such a precious moment to us.

thanks to this cute KL for taking our pictures
Love and light to all :-)

This Makes Me Happy

A spoonful of this makes me so happy.
A sweet tooth indeed. :-)
Love and light to all :-)

A Date with my SM gurlfriends

Hello July.
This is just my first post for the month.

Last weekend was our annual gathering with my SM peepz since Mitch is here in the country for her 1 week leave from work and what's supposedly Tagaytay/SkyRanch adventure turned to be an SM date, hehehe, don't we love SM too much? :D.  This was due to heavy rains and bed weather :-).  And a get together of 7 turned to be just 3. Oh well mga drawing ang iba naming friends kaya hayaan na lang natin, wehehehe.  So it's just me, Kaye and Mitch.
We made sure we'll not miss a single moment of our get together so we had a lot of chika, pictures and food.  Though we missed our other dear friends, we still had a blast.  And we happened to visit our old friends who are still working in SM Dasma, ang saya tlga to see them again. :)

And we're keeping our fingers crossed for our next year's plan :-)
So excited.

Hava happy weekend peepz.

Love and light to all :-)