Sunday, April 28, 2013

OBK Reunites

When:  April 19, Friday night till whole Saturday, April 20, 2013
With:    Eds, Elly, Joan, Whin and Ms. Ime
Where: Araneta Cubao, Marikina, Cainta then back to Araneta Cubao

OBK reunites once again.
It was Eds yearly vacation from Australia so we grabbed the opportunity to catch up and update each other.
Let me narrate you what happened during our get together thru the pics below. :-)

To start it all, syemps we had dinner, kulang ang kwento kung gutom, hehehe :D
while waiting for the food, we had to pose for a pic
And then more pics, hehehe
Burgoo, Gateway Mall, Araneta Cubao (sino ang di magsasabi na di kami magsswimming eh ang dami naming dala diba? nakuha pa tlga sa picture :-))
at may solo shot pa pala ako, na gusto ko naman :-)
with my dear and beautiful friend Eds
Nanzy, Joan and Elly:  waiting here for Eds while having her hair treatment in Going Straight, SM Cubao.  We waited for more than three hours but we never get bored because we are playing Candy Crush, Logo Quiz and 4Pics 1Word. Apir to Jo, for she is so genius :-)
lunch at Barrio Fiesta, Alimall Cubao, ganda na ng hair ni Eds noh :-)
And of course, OBK get together will never be complete without dropping in our favorite place, Oyster Boy, Araneta Cubao.  We ordered our super love chocolate cake :-)
I love the color of our shirts here, it's so summerryyy, hehehe :-)

Thanks Elly for the pictures.  I'm still waiting for Whin and Eds to upload pictures from their cameras and I will just grab more pictures from there.  Opppss, permission allowed? Oh yes please....Hirap tlga ng walang camera.
Thank you OBK and all the puyat and haggardo verzosa's look were all worth it because of all the fun and chika galore.
The next year plan makes me so kilig and excited na.
Special thanks to Eds for the treat and Whin for OBK's dessert. :-)

Cheers to all my OBK peepz.

Love and light to all :-)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Finance Summer Outing: Awilihan, Batangas

Awilihan Resort
Tanuan, Batangas

We had a blast last weekend.
Finance team enjoyed the heat of summer.

Everyone loved the food, the water, the view, and the memories we've shared that weekend.
It's a truly one of a kind experience.





pictures grabbed from Finance team's cameras

I am personally looking forward for more of my summer adventures this year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer peepz.

Love and light to all :-)

2013 Bisita Iglesia

It's mid April already, oh how time flies so fast.
This is just my first post for the month.

This was during our yearly Bisita Iglesia.  We visited churches in Tagaytay, Silang,  Trece and our hometown GMA
Enjoy the rest of your weekend peepz as much as I do.....laid-back Saturday :)
Love and light to all :-)