Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fre and Gwafa

So blessed to have these two as my dearest friends/sisters/advisers/confidants/jokers and all of the other words that a friend can offer.

great bonding; Melot's bday celeb, Thet's send off dinner before going back to AU

*** Pasensya na sa haggardo verzosa na look with my ever faithful friend "eyebags" :D

Love and light to all :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I've Got You!

Finally, you're in my hands already.  And now, you are mine :D

And it makes me happy :-)

sorry, blurry pic, low tech fone :D

 Love and light to all :-)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Digi Perm or Digi Firm????? :D
This was such a BIG shame on me for all I know it was a Digi Firm, yikes, super dyahe...... :-), my office mates thought I had a p/f problem, bwahahaha, I'm so sorry now I stand corrected. :-)

So this is my very first post for the month and as I remembered it correctly, it was also the 1st of March when I had my Digi Perm (and yes, it's the correct term this time). 

The main reason why I finally said YES to Digi Perm was because of the super duper dryness, damaged hair plus all the lait I get from office mates, hehehehe...... So what's the solution to that, kulotskie is the best way to go :-).   I don't have any fear of being kulot because aside from sira na tlga hair ko, wala ng effect kung masisira sya lalo sa pagkakulot, wehehehe.

Would you believe that it was not an easy one? Aside from the 3-hour total procedure, it was a heavy equipment that I can literally say "pasan ko ang daigdig".  
Let me show you some of my pics but allow me first to show you the finished product.

And now, these are the right pictures for tiis ganda :-)


my most recent photo during our "yearly bisita iglesia" with my kulot peg

 It was all worth the wait.  I am happy with the outcome and sa wakas natupad na ang pangarap kong di na magsusuklay, hehehe.

Super thanks to my sponsors:
Joy - moral support
Sir Mark - financial support  / nagpautang, hehehe
and to my loving officemates na araw-araw naiirita sa hair ko :-)

And oh by the way, I posted an fb status weeks ago about my local phone screen name in the office.
It was changed from Sam Pinto-Anne to Kuh-lot Ledesma, hahahaha astig diba :-).  Let me explain further why I was named Sam Pinto-Anne, it's because I am the nearest to our office door (pinto-anne, gets????) and now it's Kuh-lot Ledesma coz I am now a certified kulot aside from Kuh-ba (kuba coz of scolio).

Happy weekend peepz.

Love and light to all :-)