Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tropang TimAng :D

This post is especially dedicated to Ms. Cha who keeps on bullying us that we are tropang timang, hehehehe :-)

Below were some scenario in the office and will let you decide kung talagang eng-eng nga ba kami :D

Scenario 1: Kris-kringle - you have to choose a Disney character

* Joy - Peaches (not a Disney movie)
* Nanz - Mabel (not a Disney movie but from a Disney channel)

Sanction on revelation day: kurot sa singit and food pledge (1 full dish for Peaches and half-dish for Mabel)

Scenario 2: Since food committee kami during Finance Christmas party, we were tasked to buy a fruit cocktail

* Ms. Cha - bili kayo ng fruit cocktail yung kagaya nang nasa goody bag natin
* Joy, Nanz and Ems - bumili ng fruit cocktail na fiesta
* Ms. Len calling Ms. Cha on her mobile fone - sino bumili ng fruit cocktail, baket fiesta?????
* Ms. Cha - eh di sino pa eh di yung tropang timang......
* Joy, Nanz and Ems - baket Del Monte naman yung binili namin ah.....

Lesson learned: meron palang dalawang klase ng fruit cocktail, 1) in heavy syrup and 2) fiesta

Scenario 3:  Ems and I both won ipod shuffle during Finance Christmas party

* Nanz - (atat magpa download ng songs)...... punta tayo St. Francis mmaya ha, pa download tayo
* Ems - pasama na din yung sa akin ha, dalawa to, isa sa akin, tong isa sa tatay ko to.....
* Joy and Nanz at St. Francis talking to Kuya na magddowload - Kuya, tong dalawa po yung mga bago
* Joy - yung isa po mga 70's or 80's kase po tatay yun, mga Barry Manilow, Michael Jakson, yan, yan, yang mga lumang songs na yan.....
* Joy and Nanz calling Ems - get, meron kami surprise sayo......yung ipod ng tatay mo pina downloadan namin ng mga lumang kanta, magugustuhan nya yun for sure...
* Ems - ay pre mga baliw...yung ipod na yun sa tatay ko nga yun pero ibibigay nya sa kapatid ko kaya nga sabi ko pare-pareho na lang yung songs na ipapadownload
* toinks.......

Lesson learned: wag masyadong magmagaling, saka ikaklaro kung para kanino yung ipod, hehehe

Scenario 4:  Nasira ang sandals ni Joy kaya icclaim nya na ang gusto nyang gift from me, ang Mighty bond (tamang tama nasa Starmall kami)

* Joy - beks, ibili mo na ako ng Mighty bond kase nasira na tong sandals ko, di ko na kayang maglakad pabalik ng office
* Nanz - ok, tara get bili na tayo, san tayo bili?
* Ems - dyan sa Handy Man
* after buying Mighty bond, Ems and I decided to go back quickly to the office
* Nanz - get, tara balik na tayo office
* Ems - Uunga tara baka mmya pa sila
* Nanz - saka susulatan ko ng dedication tong gift ko kay beks
* Joy calling on my mobile fone using Jen's fone - asan na kayo beks?
* Nanz - nasa office na....
* Joy - (mad......) baket pa ako nagpabili ng mighty bond kung mauuna din naman pala kayo sa di na nga ako makalakad kase sira na sandals ko diba??????
* Nanz and Ems - keeps on saying SORRY.......

Hehehehehe, laughing out loud while posting this entry :D
Love you Ms. Cha, smart naman kami in our own way, hehehe.

Love and light to all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Feeling "mini Tagaytay" in Leyte

I fell in love to the house and the garden the moment I first saw them.  Below pics were still part of our Leyte trip and a humble abode of one of our relatives.

According to my relatives, they are really planning to sell the plants and the love birds on the above pics, and since they are just starting and wanting to beautify and expand their garden more, I just hope that through blogging, they will be discovered one day. 
To all Kanghaason out there, yes, yes you are right, this place is just in your neighborhood.


Brgy. Kanghaas
Hilongos, Leyte

Leyte Trip

And now back to blogging.
Merry CHRISTmas and I hope you are having a blast this favorite season of mine.

I've been to Leyte last December 5-8, the province where I was born and spent my elementary years to celebrate and pray for my lola's first death anniv.  And little did I know that this place offers also  some promising views that we can also share to travelers and tourists.  Sorry my homeland for discovering you late but allow me to show you to the world how beautiful and amazing you are.

                              Wild monkeys and 2 WOW caves in just one place

                Monte Cueva on the other hand is a famous church inside a cave, huwaw for that!!!!!

          And of course, below pic is a part of our history, the Leyte Landing of Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur in Palo, Leyte.