Saturday, September 29, 2012

OBK Random Trips


It all started in APAC, the company where we found and built our friendship.
Our name came from one of our favorite resto in Cubao near APAC, Oyster Boy Restaurant, since then we called ourselves, OBK, short for Oyster Boy Kids. ;)
We shared so many memories together and yes, we also had a share of our ups and downs.
Most of us has left APAC already.  We may have new working place and new environment and in different places right now but friendship will never end.

Sharing a bit of our moments and trips before.
Cheers to Eds, Whin, Jo, Elly, Rory and Rhea.

                          yummy chocolate cake from Oyster Boy                      
                          at Oyster Boy, missing Rhea here        

                         from Megamall to Eastwood Mall

                           My Amnesia Girl pinanuod namin dito ;)

             at kumpleto tayo dito in fairness, surprise bday nyo ata sa akin to

                 OBK at Redbox with the rest of the Finance peepz

                              one of the wacky pose of OBK

     if I remembered it right, pahirapang pagtakas to kase may shift pa ako at si Rhea in APAC Alabang

                           OBK went shopping in Northgate :)

                                         OBK invades Baguio City

                                            adobo from OBK

                    one of a kind trip when OBK went South, Caleruega-Tagaytay-EK

                        one of our picture-picture mode in APAC

                     and yes, we had our fair share of Anawangin moments

                 pati mga nka-display na gifts sa Christmas tree ng APAC di pinatawad, hehehe

                  super touching na AVP for me, lilipat lang ako, di pa nman resigned ;D

                and this was one of our trips, ang magpa pic na may drama, hahahaha

                                    beautiful scenery of Caleruega


                                         Nuvali, posing with Eds

                                                 mala-Titanic sa EK
                                         Go for the Strike OBK peepz            
                  lipat lang ako Alabang site nito but so touched sa farewell party, hehehehe                                                                                                   
Looking forward for more exciting trips OBK.
I miss you all.

Love and light :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reminiscing Greenbelt Chapel

Last Wednesday, I attended mass with buds Manet in Greenbelt chapel.  My last visit to this church was few years ago, maybe 2007 or 2008 with my super close and beautiful friend Thet (naks!)....
I felt in love the first time I saw the church and now that I'm back, I still have the same feeling.  I can say that it's one of my favorite church to go to.  I hope I could visit this church as often as I can.


Pasensya na sa malabong kuha, my phone cam is low-tech :D

I'm A Fan/Girl Crush

I wonder what's the name of this girl in UP Pep Squad, right top, fifth from left, she's on high top.
I've watched the UAAP Cheer-dance competition and I like her moves and "ang porma astig", I may not even know her name, but now I'm a fan and she's my girl crush, hehehehe.....  

Addicted to Scented Oils and Candles

It brings extra good feeling and cozy atmosphere to have these in my room that's why I'm addicted to them these days, super relaxing.

Finally, I've Got One

Impulsive buyer.....yes it's me.

I know it was a long overdue for me to have a pair of Vans.

It can wait actually but "kaadikan" attacked one day and then I asked my good friends Joy/beks and Ems/dudette to support my "kabaliwan" and then agad-agad we bought one and now I have my Vans.

Hay adik lang......

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to prevent if not cure Scoliosis

I was a freshman College student when I found out that I have a scoliosis through my medical exam.  It really never bothered me then until few days ago when the results of our annual physical exam were released, I was told about the condition of the curvature of my spine.

Seven years ago, I was also advised that my bones were brittle through bone scanning.  I do not know if my scoliosis leads me to this condition or vice versa.  All I know is I love coffee more than milk, and I do not have a proper posture.

Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine.  There are four natural curves in the spinal column.  The cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral curvature.  Mine is thoracic scoliosis, it is a curvature in the middle (thoracic) part of the spine.

Oftentimes when it's cold, I feel back pains.   When I carry a heavy shoulder bag, I feel shoulder pains.... is it signs of aging or because of my scolio???? I think both.

Now that I am not getting any younger and to avoid the condition from getting worse maybe I should start doing the following:

1) Proper posture, though it won't cure the curve anymore, but it will help strengthens the muscle.

2) Proper exercise - it helps keep the pain away.

3) Correct amount of calcium intake - must start drinking milk instead of alcohol, less coffee, can't give up the coffee, so sorry....and more vitamins rich in calcium.

4) Therapy

5) If you have the budget, you can wear a brace, this is the most effective one since it slow down the speed of the curvature.  In my case, I will be saving a lot amount of money for this one.

*** pictures via web

No matter what age you have right now, it is very important to be healthy and to live a good life.
Because as the saying goes " HEALTH is WEALTH".

Be healthy, be happy.

Love and light :-)