Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why I Love Red Wine

I had a fun encounter about red wine weeks ago when the heavy monsoon rain hits Metro Manila.  Monday of that week before going home from work, I bought a red wine with my good friend/beks Joy.  Because of the heavy rains, I told her to pray for me and guess prayer intention for that particular moment "ay sana wag ako madulas kase sayang ung red wine ko", hehehehe.....Joy scolded me for that, instead of praying for my safety, "mas nag-aalala pa daw ako sa wine", isa daw akong malaking adik......Hehehe, but of course, more that anything else, it's my safety first.  Little did I know that red wine has lots of benefits.  Thanks to Joy for calling me just to inform that RED WINE has many benefits.  Of course, nung una ang alam ko lang na benefit ng red wine ay good for the heart lang.  But I did some research and found out the below:

Antioxidants that are present in red wine can reduce stress because it provides relaxation, good for the immune system and also good for the skin - "huwaw", this is my favorite, the benefit that is good for the skin, how I wish to have a good and fairer skin by drinking red wine....Antioxidant is a strong ingredient daw that makes your skin looks younger.

But remember, it should be taken moderately and NEVER excess.

So, enjoy a glass of wine with your friends and family to a healthier life.

Here's a few of my fave red wines.  BE HAPPY, BE HEALTHY. ;)

pictures via web

Love and light to all :-)

Vans, I Like.......

always dreaming to have this....hope I can get one soon.

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Love and light :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yehey, I am now a Certified Payroll Specialist

I recently posted here about the seminar I attended few months ago for Payroll Specialist.  I owe it a lot to Acquire especially to Ms. Len and Ms. Dess for giving me the opportunity to have me attend that seminar.  I also want to share the knowledge I gained with Joy, the beks/partner in crime, este partner in Payroll who always believes in my craft.  After that whole day seminar, we are scheduled to take an exam, for the certification and to test of course what you have learned from it.  And believe me, pressured ako because I don't want to fail my team....
According to the organizers, they will send email notification 2-3 weeks for the result.  Two weeks after I don't received any, and then three weeks wala pa rin, I'm so sad deep inside because nahihiya ako to my team and to Acquire because they paid 8.5K for that seminar but yet I don't have any in return.....oh my....nakakahiya tlga....but GOD really works in mysterious ways.  After 2-3 days after that 3 weeks of waiting, Ms. Dess received an email from the organizers that I passed the exam. Oh GOD, you are so amazing, nakahinga ako ng maluwag and yung pagkapasa ko lang ang tanging naiisip ko na kapalit for the opportunity they gave me.

And yes, I am now a Certified Payroll Specialist.
Another plus point to my credentials.
Thank you GOD.

Wish Wish Wish

It's been awhile since I had my last post here in my blog.  As much as I wanted to post more entries as I can,  my problem is I still don't have any internet connection in my new place. So now, this is my prayer and wish. I will have to work double time to have enough budget for my wish.  Internet providers available in our place are a bit expensive and "isa pa, di pa" number 1 on my list when it comes to speed and dependability.

And oopppps, I still have one wish, to have a cable network in our house "para nman di ma-bored ang parents ko" while staying with us.  I wish to give them simple things that will make them happy especially now  that God answered my prayer to be with them.

So help me GOD.