Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Want to Travel

I love and I want to in now na, hehehe ;)
Problem is the budget :(
When it comes to availability, madali lang yan, ika nga "kung gusto may paraan".
But I have this BIG faith that I can travel soon, hopefully before the year ends or early next year.

I want to try wake boarding in CWC
Cam Sur
I've never been to Bora, that's why it's one of my MUST list
Boracay Island
one of my dreams, Phuket Thailand

*** pictures via web

Kaya shout out to my friends out there who will be my travel buddies and a sponsor as well, hehehe......tara lets go.....

Love and light to all :-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

House Warming with Acquire/Finance family

Been so thankful to my friends in Acquire who helped me in so many ways in achieving my goal.  They've been so supportive and generous for sharing their blessings, time and resources.  And celebrate with my happiness.
Allow me to mention those who came to our mini-house warming: Ms. Dess, Ms. Cha, Ms. Miles, Joy beks, Ems dudette, Jen, CC-Ciella and Carlo, Bert, Mark and Jek, thank you so much.....
To those who were absent due to family day, thanks as well, I know that you are happy for me, Ms. Ri, Ms. Len, Ms. Mary, Gille and Fritzie.

Sharing the below pics of my simple abode for the simplest house warming each one of us can offer, then Nuvali trip after. :)

Again, thank you and looking forward for more fun time/bonding moments with you my Acquire and Finance family. Cheers to all !!!

CPS Seminar

I had the opportunity last week to attend the Certified Payroll Specialist Seminar in Tektite Bldg, Ortigas.  It was a big break on my part since it will really help me to improve my craft in Payroll and added points on my resume (hehehehe).
Thanks to Acquire and my Payroll team for giving me the privilege to this very rare additional learning experience.  Will be forever grateful for this opportunity ;)