Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Home Sweet Home

This is it!
One of my three BIG dreams was granted.
GOD made it possible today and I can't explain the extra fulfillment I am feeling right now.
I'll be living now in my own home sweet home starting today with my siblings.

I am so happy and so thankful to all the people who helped, appreciated and loved me to make this happen.
Thank you most especially to my family, special mention to Tito Nick, Tita Amy and Tito Vic, thanks for all the resources and all the moral support.  Thanks also to my sister-in-law Liezel who helped me to fixed all my housing documents and requirements.  And to my siblings and cousins for the general cleaning.

To my dearest and my loves Thet and Melot........fre and gwafa, thanks for being an inspiration, for pushing me to fulfill the desire of my heart and for all the love and care.
To Melai, who exerted an effort to get the priest to bless our new home.
Thanks to all of you, and you'll all be loved forever.

And I cannot afford to end this blog without thanking and appreciating the love of my Finance and Acquire family.......wala ako ma-say sa support.....salamat ng bonggang-bongga, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you to all the reminders, advices and sa happiness na meron kayo for me, thank you all so much.
Beks and Ms. Dess - you're the sweetest, grabe thanks sa mga donations nyo, sobrang appreciated ko at nagamit ko na, thank you, thank you and thank you, love you and the rest of the team.
Dudette and Salvs, thanks sa laging pagsama sa akin sa Japan Homes.....hehehehe, dudette, thanks din sau ng sobra, lam mo na yun....Ms. Clariz, and the rest of Acquire Manila, sobrang thank you din dahil alam kong masaya kayo for me.
Ms. Miles, ipagluto moko ng Caldereta ha.
And I am looking forward to be with my Finance family sa upcoming house warming sa bahay.....

To my haushold, also looking forward to have our household in my place.

To my friends who wants to sleep over, you are most welcome to my simple abode.

GOD is really so good and really answers our prayers, we just have to be faithful.

Thank you GOD.

Love and light to all :-)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rainy Days Are Coming

Here comes the rain.

It's June and rainy season is here.
I love the cool weather and the indescribable feeling I have during this season.
Call it weird but I like to fantasize my future when it rains.

Yeah, though messy and dangerous during these days, I still love it cause it means of staying at home eating champorado and hot soups.

So, be safe everyone and enjoy my favorite season.

*** via web
Love and light to all :-)

I Love Nature

I can't remember the first time I fell in love with nature.  Every time I see trees, forests, beaches, mountains, flowers and all God's green creatures makes my heart leap with great joy. There is always this feeling of happiness inside of me whenever I go to places where I can enjoy the scenery of nature.

And maybe that explains why I love to watch Living Asia channel because it features the places and the scenery I've always dream of visiting to in the near future. 

Oh GOD, please grant one of my heart's desire to visit the places I want to and experience your magnificent work of hands.
Love to visit soon: Boracay, Siquijor, CDO, Camiguin, Palawan, Camarines, Davao, Phuket Thailand, Bali Indonesia and many more. So, help me GOD :)

pictures via web

Love and light to all :-)