Sunday, March 25, 2012

Excited for the next 2 Weekends

Yehey, so excited for the next two weekends coz I'll be going out of town with my ex-SM office mates. It's been our tradition to have a yearly get together to keep the friendship intact.  Can't wait this to happen.  See you soon Batangas !!!!!!!!

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Love and light to all :-)

All's Well That Ends Well

Another Saturday work mode for me, call of duty eh kase cut off nmin sa office. Ever since I started my job in Payroll, I already accepted the whole truth to be "on call". So kahit weekend, you have no choice but to attend the need of your job.  And being single and a happy bee like me, dumarating din sa point na nakakatamad at nakakasawa ang pumasok ng weekend especially kung may plans ka na ahead.  Actually, yun lang naman ang number 1 reklamo ko ngayon sa office, yung sobrang nag-eextend and pumapasok during weekends, feeling ko kase sobrang stressful na at hindi na healthy ang ganung set-up. Pero aside from that, I really enjoyed and loved my job and feels so good to be with people na masayang kasama, and that's my tropa in our office.  
And I think GOD really gave us this chance to happen, na magkaruon kami ng meeting today with my Payroll team.  The main reason for the discussion was for our Payroll deliverables especially for the upcoming payout na wala na kaming Manager (she left us, she resigned effective immediately for some personal reasons).  And then, here we are, we have to process our Payroll on our own and of course with the leadership of our Sup.  And then here comes, issues after issues about loyalty, about respect, about disliking a person, so on and so forth.... So in short, we had an open forum, so nagkalabasan ng mga sama ng loob, ng mga reklamo, things like this and things like that, blah blah blah...... during the first part, grabe ang tensyon........I was praying na sana di tumagal ang moment na yun kase sobrang hindi maganda kung matapos kami ng ganun ang sitwasyon.....but I really thanked GOD coz HE really worked in us on that moment.....totoo talaga na if you have problems, if you have issues, mag-usap lang kayo, pag-usapan nyo ng mabuti ang problema, harapin ang problema at ayusin lahat yun, if you have an open mind, an open heart, if you humbled yourself and if you are willing to change for the better, naniniwala ako na lahat yun madadaan sa mabuting pag-uusap. Today was a long day indeed but it's really worth it because we can now start a new relationship in our team and ALL's WELL that ENDS WELL to all of us. Let's all move on and make a new start......Good vibes starting on Monday and I am very happy ;)))))

Love and light :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow sa Wakas....

Thanks Joy for helping me out sa pag ayos ng blog ko. Now I'm ready and super excited to share what's in my mind.  
I'll be sharing all my dreams, hopes, experiences, failures, heartaches and all the other adventures that will come along.
Sa wakas, ready na ang page kong to so I'll be posting entries soon :-)
Love and light :-) 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome To My New Happy Place

When I was in high school, one of my dreams is to become a writer.  But it did not pushed through due to budget constraints and many other reasons.  But I just learned that I can still write and say what I want even if I am not a professional writer, journalist or whatsoever.  Through the help of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging, it can help you say what you want and write what you want.  I am super thankful to my dear friend beks (Joy) for introducing me to blogsphere.  
Now I found a new and happy place that will surely be my new hang out.  With this, I am free to write and post anything and everything.  
So I would like to welcome each one of you and be my blog buddy. :-) 

Happy blogging.

Love and light :-)